The Tube: Top Quality Packaging Made in Europe

The tube is the ideal form of packaging for semi-solid contents. Thanks to the materials and material combinations used it offers a barely attainable range of benefits: the highest standards of hygiene, excellent barrier properties, outstanding product protection, virtually unlimited design opportunities, real consumer benefits, and trend-setting environmental sustainability. And all this in tried-and-tested top quality, no matter if it is an aluminium, plastic or laminate tube.

Their high-quality standards, their enormous versatility and their impressive amount of convincing benefits have made flexible tubes so successful in many sectors and end-use markets such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oral care and food as well as in the wide range of household and industrial applications, to name just the most important markets.

The member companies of etma, the European Tube Manufacturers Association, have essentially contributed to the market success and the high quality standards of the tube. They do not only account for about 75 per cent of European flexible tube production, but definitely are ahead of the pack and world leaders with regard to quality standards.



The election of the winners of etma’s competition “Tube of the Year 2023” and the presentation of the winning tubes took place in Amsterdam at the end of May 2023. The annual conference of the European Tube Manufacturers Association (etma) and the third World Tube Congress, which was organised by etma and attracted a lot of attention, provided a suitable setting for the award ceremony. For more information:


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